Vancouver Cityscape

Vancouver Cityscape This is the Vancouver cityscape as seen from Cypress Point. Its probably one of the best locations to get a panoramic view of the city at night, a must see if you are there. I was thinking about Vancouver because I’ll be heading back there soon. Read more on the blog: Canada Gallery:

Pink Clouds Over Barcelona

I was amazed at these clouds above the Barcelona rooftops as I stood atop a downtown hotel. Those two buildings on the right are the tallest buildings in the city, yet millions live here in these apartments that have much more character than glass towers ever will, especially when you consider the mix of architecture and design displayed throughout the city. I took this from the rooftop bar at the Grand Hotel. We'd come up here after a day out and relax to ambient music with a Sangria as we watched day turn into night. This was one of those times, just chilling at the rooftop lounge.

San Juan Afternoon

This is the old town section of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Walking through here on a recent afternoon was like walking back in time. Time seems to slow down and a different pace of life is respected. People get together for conversation and gatherings in the streets or in verandas above. This colorful street was just one of many I passed and to me represents a feeling of community and charm rarely found today. I will return to Puerto Rico one day and when I do I'll stay a little longer, and move a little slower.

Empty Pier Afternoon

I came here to walk yesterday evening. This is the pier in St Petersburg Florida which is empty while the planners decide how to fix it up. In the meantime it's still a great place to walk or ride with the cool breeze of the bay on a hot afternoon. I love empty open places in the middle of a busy city. A few steps away from the noise and you have a place of quiet and solitude.

City Side of the Ringling

The Ringling Bridge connects Sarasota to a series of keys that stretch northward ending in Anna Maria Island. So whether you take the bridge and end up there or start at Anna Maria and end up here, it's going to be a nice drive. I live about fifteen miles north of here, and even though there are quicker ways to get home, once a week I'll take this drive to let the good energy from the ocean wash over me. Scientifically we might say there are a lot of negative (read good) ions. Ions and energy aside, I took this picture at sunrise today and I really lucked out with the colors in the sky. Maybe thats what the good ions look like.

Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower I took this not long ago at the World Trade Center in what is called ground zero. A lot has happened in the last thirteen years and now the Freedom Tower is in the final stages of completion. The sight of this building leaves a feeling that cannot be conveyed, but you soon realize its more than just a building, it’s a symbol of revitalization on many levels. Eventually the people working here will go about their business day in and day out, a return to some semblance of normal. But to anyone coming here, residents, workers and visitors such as myself, it is undeniably an emotionally charged setting.

Sinclair Centre

This is a shot of the Sinclair Center in downtown Vancouver, BC. Vancouver has such an abundance of modern skyscrapers but in an amongst them are gems like this, reminiscent of another time. Cities like this that have not lost touch with the past are probably better for it on a number of different levels. If buildings could hear, I'd like to tell the newer sleeker ones to respect their elders while pointing at this. There you have it, I have a sense of architectural heritage and at times I might just be stark raving bonkers. ;-) #vancouver #architecture #urbanexploration

Rainy Riverwalk Sunrise

A few mornings ago I almost didn't get out of my car because it was raining, it was early and I didn't have my coffee. What could be worst? Nonetheless I dragged my butt out of the car for a quick look around just to prove to my self it was a waste of time when I notice the sun breaking through the rain clouds. The photographer in me took over and all thoughts of coffee and heading home vanished. Either I was lucky or one of the photography gods was playing a trick on me. Whichever the case, I'm glad I was there to see the amazing light and drink in the colors in the sky. Then I finally went home and had my coffee.

Antigua Market

A couple of months ago I was in Antigua and longed for an authentic meal. It just so happened that the wife of our taxi driver had a stall in this market. When we found it she invited us inside out of the afternoon sun to serve us at her table table. Despite the humble surroundings her kitchen was spotless and the food was full of flavor, my favorite was the salt fish. Yet the most authentic part of the meal was her warm hospitality, for that brief time she made us feel like family. Apparently she was in accounting at the banana factory before it shut down, now she runs the food stall temporarily until things improve. After that wonderful meal and conversation we walked through the market where I captured this scene.


Commodore Ballroom on Granville Street in Vancouver. I was just passing by but could feel the vibes of this place.

Vancouver Public Library

I happened to walk by this building the other day but it took a while before realizing it was the Vancouver library. Lately I read books from a tablet and haven't been inside a library for ages. In any case, I liked the architecture of the library which seems vaguely Roman. Well, maybe a little more than vaguely.

Pirate Bar


Bank of Montreal

Time Slip



Just one of many interesting buildings to be seen walking around Vancouver.

Urban Fountain

Coal Harbour, Vancouver

Downtown Bridges

If you think back to the olden days, towns were always built around rivers, creeks or bodies of water. As they grew, they needed bridges and so most cities and towns have at least one bridge. Most of us forget they're even there, unless they fail or get clogged with traffic. Then we cuss. I wonder if there is a national bridge day, a day when we all take a minute to appreciate the bridges all around us. I could see that. Okay, maybe I'm going a little off the rails, but you try writing about bridges for a paragraph and see where it leads you. ;-)

False Creek

False Creek, Vancouver

Urban Sunrise

When I travel from east coast to west I wake up early. I mean early early. So on this day I setup my camera and waited for the sun to rise and this was the scene outside my hotel window. I suspect that most of the people in these buildings were still in la la land, as would I be if I were on my own coast.

Night Reflection

This was the last photo I took one night while on what should have been a short walk from the subway back to my hotel in Vancouver. The problem of course is that I kept looking up and seeing interesting scenes like this. It ended up a late night.

Burrard and Pender

What attracts me to night photography are the lights which transform a location into something completely different and the relative calm of the setting, depending of course on the location. I could stay out all night composing shots, alas have a day job.

The Vogue

The Vogue is on Granville Avenue in downtown Vancouver. Seems like a cool place for some cool jazz.

West Coast City

This is the underside of the Burrard Street Bridge I noticed while walking around one of the neighborhoods of Vancouver. Some of these little streets can be tricky to navigate unless you are familiar with the area. I think these neighborhoods have something vaguely reminiscent of San Francisco. It's a west coast feel, an attitude that puts a premium on the environment and living healthy. I think there are other cities in the same category, Seattle and Portland come to mind. Vancouver places emphasis on it's bike lanes and even if you don't live here you can rent a bike and join the thousands that use it as a primary mode of transportation. Now that I live in a different part of the continent, the west coast attitude is more apparent whenever I come back. Perhaps you know what I mean.

Downtown Scene

The scene from Battery Park in lower Manhattan.

San Juan at Night

This is the old town section of San Juan Puerto Rico where I recently found myself on a Friday night. After an authentic meal at El Jibarito we spotted a coconut vendor who provided fresh coconut water, something I could get used to.


One day while walking through Vancouver I noticed these front steps all nicely aligned in a row. Even though they look the same, beyond each threshold lies a vastly different story. I live in a townhouse that looks just like the one next to it and so I suppose that to someone else my neighbor and I might appear very similar. And to me, folks on the opposite side of the globe might also appear similar. But we're not, and the chances are that I have more in common with you than I do with my next door neighbor. Good morning neighbor, wherever you are.

All Lit Up

This is the Burrard Street Bridge as viewed from the Granville harbour in Vancouver. I took this one summer evening while exploring the shops and sights of Granville market which is a must see when you go to Vancouver. When exploring this part of the city the only danger you might run into is running out of time as quite often happens to me when I have my camera.

Granville Bridge

Under the Granville Bridge in Vancouver

Burrard Hotel

Burrard Hotel on Burrard Street in Vancouver

Vancouver Walk

Near the entrance to Stanley Park

City Hall

Vancouver City Hall

Vancouver Harbour

I snapped this one morning in Vancouver. This is one of the last ships to Alaska at the end of the summer cruise season in the Pacific Northwest which runs late spring to early fall. Summer is a fun time in Vancouver and whether you’re here for a cruise or just taking in the sights it’s guaranteed to please.

Remember When

This is an iconic apartment building on Vancouver's west end which is about fifteen stories high. At the very top, overlooking English Bay, is this tree that you can't help but notice. It's a strange feeling you get from this tree, isolated, by itself at the top of a building, in full view and exposed to the elements. I glance up at it every time I pass by and think surely there must be story here, but what? On one of those occasions there was a double decker tour bus stopped in front with everyone looking up and listening to the guide. As I walked by this is what I heard; that the purpose of this tree was to remind everyone how tall the trees here where before they started cutting them all down to make room for the apartment buildings. I have no idea if that's true, but it resonated in a way that I cannot forget.


I was walking back to my hotel and noticed this. I'm influenced by Thomas Hawk and I think to myself, that's a Thomas Hawk shot! So this is a Rick Schwartz pretending to be Thomas Hawk shot, ...just look at the photo and pretend you never read this.


Sometimes it seems the only way to go is up. Whether I can't go any lower or, the prospects are simply looking good, I try to keep in mind that it's not the destination, but the journey.

False Creek

I think this is called it False Creek because it doesn't go anywhere, it just looks like a creek, well, more like a small harbor. Names aside, a cool section of Vancouver.

Urban Garden

In certain neighborhoods of Vancouver can be found urban gardens where residents work with the soil to produce vegetables or just beautiful flowers. The gardens have little plots, each uniquely representing the labor of the local gardener. I really enjoy the energy that comes from these little havens in the concrete jungle.

Vancouver Night

To get this shot I found myself walking through a small field at night and ended up tripping in the dark. Fortunately I had the presence of mind to use my head to soften the blow to my heavy camera. A little scratched up but with camera intact, I managed to get this shot looking back on Vancouver at night.

St. Pauls

This is St. Pauls hospital located along Burrard Street in Vancouver. I was intrigued by the old architecture with all the bricks in what is essentially a state of the art facility.

Southside Sunset

By itself, this Vancouver building is not that remarkable, but the sunset elevated it to the status of a photo opportunity. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Sunrise Under the Bridge

This is the Ringling Bridge in Sarasota Florida and is always filled with joggers from before dawn until long after sunset due partly to it's scenic setting and partly because it provides a bit of a hill, of which there are very few in this part Florida.

Another Century

Not much of the Banff Springs architecture has changed in a hundred years.

Cambie Bridge

By the time I came to this bridge I'd already been out for several hours and I was a little hungry. That was soon forgot when I saw activity on this bridge and ended up staying here for another hour or so. Cambie Bridge, especially at night, is a fun place for capturing the energy of Vancouver. Energy I needed as I skipped supper and fed my appetite for images. Okay, that was lame, and lord knows I could skip a meal or two. Purchase a print to feed this not so starving artist

Denman Dusk

This is view above Denman street in Vancouver a few weeks ago. If you're not familiar Denman is one of those uber cool streets packed full of restaurants, cafe's and shops. If you like Sushi restaurants you'll love it here as it seems there's one on every corner. I like this area just to walk around and soak up west coast vibes or grab a coffee at Starbucks and people watch. There are a lot of cool streets in Vancouver but this is probably my favorite. On a side note, this is the last picture I took with my Nikon before it broke. As I write this it's still in the shop on parts hold. No big deal, I used that partly as a reason to get a lighter Sony. I was planning on it eventually but the long wait at the Nikon shop accelerated my decision. So far I'm extremely happy with the new Sony. Purchase an uber cool print

Vancouver Awesome

I used to live in Toronto but now I'm in Florida, I'm an American, I was born in California. Anyhoo, ...when I lived in Toronto there was a sense that it was the center of the Canadian universe, and in many ways it is. But in terms of beauty and quality of life, it's got nothing on Vancouver, not even close. So here is a taste of the northwest city on the pacific. And don't be surprised if when you look up the word spectacular in the dictionary you see a picture of Vancouver. Purchase an awesome print


Here is Vancouver's Coal Harbour section as imagined by me when I should have been doing something more productive. I got a little carried away but that's what happens every once in a while. I took this with my iPhone and so its called iphoneography, but for whatever reason that doesn't show up in my dictionary. Nevertheless this is my post processed iphoneigraphical highly imaginative rendering of urban exploration. Otherwise known as playing with colors.


Underworld I took this of the DuSable Bridge a few weeks ago in Chicago. The subterranean street levels are only a few feet down but worlds away in their appearance and feel. Undoubtably these have inspired writers, artist and uh, ...photographers. For whatever reason there were few cars going in this direction which allowed me to stand in the middle of the street to compose the shot. I kept glancing over my shoulder as I have a tendency to get engrossed when shooting which can be a little hazardous when standing in the middle of a dark street. Probably not very smart either.

Cambie Night

Water Street Cafe

I’m in Vancouver this week and I was lucky enough to meet a local photographer Suzanne Rushton for a bit of a photowalk. We toured Gastown which is the old section of town full of character. I love these little cafes on the back streets, seems like somewhere in Europe. I think I will come back here another evening and be that person in the cafe enjoying a long lazy repast of cheese and wine, all the while soaking up the evenings ambiance. If you ever come to Vancouver, give Suzanne a shout, she really knows this town and can help you get some amazing shots.

Florida Polytechnic

Every time I drove between Tampa and Orlando I'd see this under construction. Finally completed I made it a point to stop here to get a closer look. From an architectural perspective there isn't anything in the region that compares, an icon of design and innovation.

Break in the Clouds

Break in the Clouds I come here in Bradenton Florida to a place called Riverwalk several times a week to walk my dogs. We have a little routine of sitting on the dock for a spell and watching the sun set. On this day I brought a camera but we didn't get a sunset because of the clouds. So we started walking back and before we got off the pier I turned back to see this break in the clouds. Even though it's dark the light is shining through and in some way that seems like a metaphor for hope. Something nice about that don't you think?

Sarasota Public Library

The Sarasota Public Library is located in the center of town across from a park and surrounded by shops, theaters and restaurants. If you stop and take a look, the architecture is rather unique. Architecture aside, I wonder how many people still use the library in this age of instant electronic access. I guess I'll just have to go in and find out for myself one day.

So Long Barcelona

So long Barcelona, it was much too short. I have found you to be most perfect in every way. I am in love with your streets, churches, food and most of all, love of life. But I will be back, for having inhaled you, I will always be in love. So long Barcelona, I will be back.

Beach Houses in Anna Maria

Walking around the beaches of Anna Maria Island you'll find houses along the water with a view of the gulf. Some are located on relatively isolated stretches so that even if there are a lot of people at the beach these sections are quiet. Walking past this area the beach was was quiet and undisturbed as evidenced from a colony of skimmers that nest and feed here. As I walked past they paid me little heed as they rested on one leg. I live only twenty minutes away but I keep telling myself that one day I'll just rent a beach house and do a staycation. I think this remote strip suits me just fine.

Bormuth Tapas Bar

Bormuth Tapas Bar is located in the El Born / La Ribera section of Barcelona. It's in a labyrinth of streets and shops. Of all the places I visited in this city, this area was most enjoyable to get lost in. I snapped this shot as I was walking around at night, but later learned from TripAdvisor that it has great ratings. Had I not just left another Tapas bar a few minutes before I would have stopped here for a quick nosh. This area is so fun I could imagine living in Barcelona just to hang out here and talk late into the night, or wander around with my camera. Tapas is the way to go, a little bit of this, a little bit of that and some good Spanish wine to wash it all down. I've noticed a few Tapas bars popping up near my home in Florida lately. If I were to make a prediction I would guess that Tapas will grow in popularity here in North America. It just seems like a reasonable way to eat, kind of like a Spanish version of Dim Sum. To take this photo I used an ISO of 5000 which is quite high. That and the in-camera image stabilization allows me to capture a night scenes like this that would not have been possible a year ago without a tripod. Capturing images at night is one of my favorite types of photography, the mood is transformed from the stark light of day and somehow it evokes more feelings and imagination, at least for me. So here I am, lost in a labyrinth, having just had Tapas and wine, and lost in the joy of my favorite type of photography at the same time. What could be better?

Montpellier Courtyard

If you walk the narrow streets of villages and cities throughout France you notice doorways that lead to courtyards. As residents open the doors to the street I would get a glimpse of the courtyard beyond. In a few places like this there is public access, as it leads to a restaurant. These remind me of scenes from movies, but in fact they're quite normal for folks who live in European city centers. Here I am looking straight up and wondering what it must be like to live here.

Riverwalk Fishing Pier

Riverwalk Fishing Pier I love coming here early in the morning when everything is quiet and the water is still. The way the weather works, as soon as the sun rises it generates a breeze which ripples the water, so the only way to see it glassy like this is before dawn. More on the blog at Florida Portfolio

Barcelona Alley at Night

This is another image of a Barcelona alley at night as I was walking around after a meal of Tapas and Sangria. Honestly, I could never find this spot in a million years, the area is like a casbah of sorts, narrow passages going this way and that, no rhyme nor reason for anything. It's such a fun place, you can get delightfully lost and the worst that can happen is you end up in a bar sipping another Sangria as you contemplate your next move. Of course not all cities are like this. The fact that you feel safe here speaks volumes about the people of Barcelona and their values. The only north American city where I've experienced something similar is in Vancouver, but that's relatively new and doesn't have the same old world character. Barcelona is a fusion of ancient and modern, cobblestones and Starbucks. Another difference that comes to mind is that in north America if you stand somewhere and imagine what that spot looked like two or three hundred years ago you'd probably be standing in a field or forest. In many parts of Europe it might look similar to the present day minus the electricity and such. Europe has a long memory stored in the buildings, alleys and cobblestones that somehow seeps into me anytime I am here.

Koerner Library

his is the Koerner Library building at the University of British Columbia. I walked through UBC on my way back from taking pictures along the shoreline. I was amazed at how big the UBC campus is. To me, coming from a small town, it seemed enormous… (read more on the blog @ Canadian Gallery:

Skytrain Station

I took this at a Skytrain station in Vancouver. It’s called the Skytrain because most of it is above ground. I’m not from around here so I still call it a subway. Read more on the blog at

Sea of Glass

This sea of glass is the Coal Harbor Section of Vancouver. In the center sits the Olympic Cauldron and all around are the towers of downtown Vancouver. I came down here for a few minutes as my hotel was just a block away. It had just been raining so it was mostly deserted, the perfect time to capture the architecture of the place without the pressing crowds normally found here. It's amazing how many people work in these buildings. But if you get on the subway in the morning you'll see waves of people coming to work and filling these offices. This time of year the daylight is short, so its possible that you never see the light of day unless you work near a window. If you work standard hours from 8 to 5 you're lucky to see any daylight during the work week. I'm used to a little more light and so I found it a little disorienting. I was in my hotel one evening and looked out a window to see a gentleman working late at his desk. I thought it was so strange that he was at work so late in the evening. Then I looked at my watch and it was only a little after six o'clock. For some reason I thought it was much later because I hadn't seen much light that day and it felt late. I'm sure people in Scandinavian countries deal with it all the time. I've heard you can even get light therapy to help supplement sunshine. Fortunate for me I just go home to Florida.

Taxicab on Thurlow

Are taxicabs a thing of the past? With Uber I wonder if cabs are going the way of the dinosaur. Vancouver seems to still have a lot and I’ve never tried using Uber here. For me it’s more convenient to just wave down a cab, less guesswork involved, especially if I’m in a busy area. But outside of the central core, Uber is the only way to go. Read more on the blog:

North Vancouver

North Vancouver is across the harbor and is a separate city from Vancouver with its own city hall. I used my telephoto lens fully extended for this so the field of view is rather narrow. To the left are more tall buildings dwarfed by the mountain peaks and ski resorts. That’s just downright awesome. More on the blog: Vancouver Gallery:

Arc de Triomphe

Urban exploration in photography is a passion for me. I’m not entirely sure why that is. Maybe because it freezes a moment so that I can go back and examine it, like an anthropologist. The structures and ambience of an urban setting speak volumes to the questions of my inquiring mind. More on the blog:

Home Ice

In the center of downtown Vancouver is an Ice rink at Robson Square. If you don’t skate you could just watch. But then you may as well go to the arena and watch the Canucks, but I digress. More on the blog:

Shooting In The Rain

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New Eyes

I’ve read that as a photographer you should be well practiced in your own neighborhood. That forces me to see everyday sights with new eyes. Anyway, this is what my new eyes picked up while walking the dog. More on the blog:

Rainbows in the Night

This fifteen-second long exposure was taken from a mile away. I used a tripod and manual focusing to make sure the details were as sharp as could be. I geek out about technical aspects of photography. But the image also needs to be something I like. So what do I see when I look at this? Rainbows in the night. Read more on the blog:

Morning Train

The morning train crosses the bridge to Bradenton. I stood here as it blew its horn which can be heard for miles away. When I’m home I hear the horn at night and for me it’s just part of the daily sounds that make up the fabric of life in this small town. Blog:

Morning Reflection

I look for reflections whenever I’m out shooting and the more I find the better. Sometimes even a puddle of rain water will do. Reflections are like portals into another world, one that insinuates something more ethereal. Blog:

Reflection Study

This is a continuation of a study of reflections I’ve been doing. I never get tired of reflections. Reflections resonate with us for reasons we can only guess. Perhaps it is a hint to how we perceive world. read more

Acorn of Time

This is a panorama of Vancouver’s Coal Harbour. I used three vertical eight-second exposures that I stitched together. I tend to see more things later when looking at images. I’m like a chipmunk gathering acorns of time, holding them and then enjoying them later. Read more:

Idea in my Mind

I have this idea in my mind about photography. It goes like this: the best photography is not from a place but a state of mind. Read more:

City on the Pacific

When I was last in Vancouver I took a ride in a seaplane and captured this as we circled around the city. I’ve walked just about every inch of Vancouver and seeing it from the air was a great way to put it all together. Read more at

Saturday Afternoon in Stanley Park

This is the second time I’ve take an image from this perspective. The first time was several years ago using a wide angle lens, this time I created a panorama. I don’t mind repeating myself because as an artist my approach and inclinations change over time. Its fun to go back and play old songs, I hear new things as I grow and evolve. Same goes for photography. Read more at

Low Clouds in Sarasota

The weather can change on a dime here in Sarasota. Sometimes it’s subtle, like the wind picking up over the water across the bay. Other times it can be more dramatic, like a thunderstorm seemingly out of nowhere. More

Lights Reflecting in Sarasota Bay

This is a long exposure panorama of three separate images; the exposure is about ten-seconds. Now that cooler weather is on the way I think its time to get out and enjoy. Not that I need an excuse. More:

Walking into Robson Square

Walking into Robson Square on a Saturday night I took this image in the rain. I know the folks in Vancouver get tired of the rain but I don’t live there and so I kind of like it. Mainly because of how it makes the streets shine and everyone is walking around with umbrellas. Maybe it would be different if I lived there. Read more on the blog: