Fort De Soto Beach

Fort De Soto Beach This is Fort De Soto Beach a couple of days ago. With the holiday over we decided to head to the beach and unwind. This is a section that looks across towards the Sunshine Skyway Bridge as it enters Tampa Bay. Read more about this image on the blog at: My favorite images from 2015:

Saturday at Bean Point

Saturday I went for a walk around the tip of Anna Maria Island. Most of the walk is along the beach at Bean Point as it wraps around the tip of the island. There was a breeze and sound of the waves the whole way and that was a good thing. This is the time of year when the extreme heat abates and an extended walk or exercise outside is refreshing because the humidity is lower. In any case I plan on doing more of these walks because, well, bad thing comes from time on the beach.

Palavas Flamingos

South of Montpellier are swamps in which Flamingos have settled by the thousands. The waters are full of shrimp and other foods preferred by these feathered comedians. There is a highway that runs between Carnon and Palavas and through a swamp where these Flamingos are feeding or sleeping on one leg. This was taken just after sunset one evening as the birds were looking for their final meal before calling it a day.

Tampa Bay on a Calm Day

The view from St Petersburg Florida as I looked out across Tampa Bay. In summer we go from wind a rain to a peaceful calm. This day happened to be one of the latter. The water on the bay was like glass as these sea birds snatch fish from the shallows. I waited for the perfect moment when the birds where in perfect position and took this picture. This is one of my favorite from the area.

Girl on Seawall

A girl sits on the seawall and talks on the phone in St Petersburg Florida.

Sarasota Cityscape

I'd been looking for a good vantage point to get the whole of downtown Sarasota in my lens and finally found it here at the southern tip of Lido Beach. Because this body of water is mostly behind a key, it's normally calm and glassy. The other nice thing about it is that in the late afternoon this is a deserted spot, so you pretty much can walk along the shore in solitude and peace. Don't tell anyone but I think I found the perfect spot.

Holmes Beach Motion

I just got back from the beach where I walked along the water at dusk. At one point I stood there fascinated at the challenge from a sandpiper. Apparently I was on his stretch of beach as he worked the waves. The motion is caused by moving my camera sideways during a long exposure. The piper and couple is a normal exposure. This is a technique that I'm experimenting with, that is taking multiple exposures of the same scene and blending them in different ways. There are all kinds of possibilities and today this is what I ended up with. Hopefully the piper ended up with something too.

Skyway Afternoon

I shot this on a calm afternoon with a few wispy clouds above. I would have preferred a little more drama in the clouds but it wasn't to be. This is only a few minutes away from my home, I cross this way several times a week. This bridge connects St Petersburg with Manatee County where I live. All ships coming in or out of Tampa Bay pass through here. Now they're saying that at four hundred feet the bridge isn't high enough. Its time to go buy a new bridge.

The Harbor at Carnon

This is the harbor at Carnon in southern France. I stayed about a mile from the east of this harbor and thought I'd walk around to the west side. Only I didn't realize that once I arrived on the east side there was no bridge close by and so I had to walk another two miles to get to the west side. By the time I got back home I estimated I walked about five miles and took five photos. So in reality I took one photo for every mile. That's a very low miles to photos ratio.

Deep Blue Sea

I like the idea of looking out to an infinity of space. I think it plays a bit of havoc with my mind. I can never fully appreciate the size and mass of things like oceans, but then maybe I’m not meant to. Blog:

Pure and Simple

I’m always trying to simplify things. I work and live in a complex world and what helps is if I can simplify the complexity a bit. I do this by removing things that I feel are unnecessary. In this case, I removed as many distractions as possible. More on the blog:

Two Worlds

Images like this are like seeing this world and the next, together at the same time. Read more on the blog:

Afternoon at Fort Desoto Beach

Over the weekend I spent the afternoon at Fort DeSoto beach watching the waves and taking a few pictures. This is one of my favorite spots, its remote and in the afternoon there are few people. There is also a campground near by so you can walk or ride a bike here, watch the sunset and then head back to sit around the campfire. That's what this family did as it started to get dark. Just off the coast is Egmont Key which is a deserted island, a little like the island in Lost. Around this time of the day you might see a cruise ship sail past this point on its way out of Tampa Bay towards the Gulf of Mexico. Winter it's a busy time for cruises so we tend to see a lot of ships coming and going. Something about those gigantic ships is mesmerizing to watch, especially in the evenings when they are all lit up, like moving cities. If you get up early, you see them going in the opposite direction as they come into port. Only after I moved to the Tampa area did I learn about cruises. A few years back I took my first cruise out of here and sailed right past this spot. I had so much fun I didn't want it to end. Nevertheless, I got up early on the last morning to see all the familiar landmarks I'd only ever seen from shore.

Mount Edith Cavell

This is the view of Mount Edith Cavell from Jasper Park Lodge that I took one summer evening before sunset. I think it's pretty amazing how long the days are in the summer up here. Its kind of hard to fathom, especially now that I'm writing this in winter when it gets dark many hours earlier. In the evening the angle of the sun is low enough to cast a soft light on everything. I understand that Iceland can be like that for months, I guess that's next on my list. In any case, Mount Edith Cavell is one of the more iconic landmarks of the Canadian Rockies and having hiked up along side of it, I can say it is indeed massive, even when viewed from twenty kilometers away. A couple of days ago I wrote about the age of the trees in British Columbia. Well, these mountains are millions of years old. That really impresses me because just like the size of these mountains, their age is something I can never really wrap my mind around.

River Crossings

These are the Manatee River Crossings between the towns of Bradenton and Palmetto in Florida. The furthest bridge is for cars and the closer one for trains. I am standing on a taller third bridge looking down. The river is so wide here that I think before these bridges were built, the two towns must have been quite different, as they were only accessible to each other by boat. Now the towns are in the same county and we cross the bridges without a thought. As the towns grow a new bridge is under construction up stream from here. o take this shot I walked to this spot atop the third bridge using the bike lane. I then stood here with my tripod taking in the scene as the sun rose and the thick clouds hung in the air. These along with the still morning surface of the river created an ethereal quality that I wanted to capture. After taking the photo I walked back down off the bridge against the flow of early morning commuters. At about the same time the upraised span of the rail bridge lowered for the first train as it crossed the river. These are the moments when the day begins. Many things happen during the day as we live our lives in close proximity, passing each other going this way and that. Then, at the end of the day, the crossings empty of trains and cars, and below them the calm waters of the river return.

Quiet Path Through Cathedral Grove

Last year I stopped here at Cathedral Grove just outside of Nanaimo British Columbia. These are towering Douglas Firs, the oldest at about eight hundred years old though most are around three hundred years. Even with visitors, the lush vegetation dampens the sounds to provide a quite walk through the old forest. There are a lot of must see places on Vancouver Island, this is at the top of the list. I was here in summer when it was hot, even so the cover the canopy creates its own micro-climate and the whole place is about ten dregs cooler. The grove is reached by a highway leading over the mountains to the pacific coast. I was on my way there to Ucluelet, but even so when I came back I stopped here again. I took a ton of pictures both times.

The View from Bayshore Boulevard

I drove around Tampa one hot day looking for photos to take and this is one I found on Bayshore Boulevard. I'm standing here at one of the many vistas that are provided for viewing the city which is located at the far edge of Tampa Bay so that the water is usually calm and glassy. Bayshore has many large homes with this same commanding view of the downtown Tampa core. I got lucky because these puffy clouds were also present to add to the composition. This time of year we get these hanging in the air which makes for an interesting sky when you catch them in the first half of the day. Normally by the afternoon or evening they either dissipate or group together and form thunderstorms.

Island Tree at Dawn

This tree is a favorite of mine especially if I can manage to get here before dawn. It's on a little island park in Sarasota and if you get here at this hour you have the whole placate yourself. I took another shot of this tree from a different angle several years ago and I'm sure than in several years from now I'll come back and do it again. Some things I'll just never get tired of. Here is the link to the old version:

Walk at Sunset

Someone walks along the shore as the sun recedes. Now get out and enjoy the weekend (say's me to myself). ;-0

Sarasota Dawn

I don't know why I don't come down here more often. That didn't sound right, almost like a clumsy pick up line. What I meant to say, ...oh never-mind, you know what I meant. But anyway, this is one of those locations in Sarasota where it's impossible to take a bad photo. I could pretty much hold the camera up and press the shutter and I'm going to end up with something good. At least that's what I tell myself, your result may vary. So even if you think this is a nice shot, keep in mind it was easy. Not easy as in a pickup line, but you know what I mean.

Letting Time Pass

Another day comes to an end on Anna Maria Island. Sometimes it's nice to just sit down on the sand and stare out into the water and let time go by. Nothing wrong with passing a little time on the beach.

Kennedy Lake

When you drive through the mountains to the west coast of Vancouver Island you pass Kennedy Lake. There's not a lot of places to stop here and from what I understand the lake is mostly used for hunting and fishing. What caught my eye midday was how calm the water was. I just had to pullover to capture this scene. I think that's kind of theme with me, must be some meaning in there somewhere.

Just Before Dusk

I took this from a kayak launch just before the bridge to Anna Maria Island. This little guy was out feeding alone but I'm sure he knew where the others in his flock were. These waters are shallow enough that you could walk several hundred yards out with your fishing pole, as long as you keep track of the tide. Kind of a nice way to end the day.

Skyway Bridge

The most iconic bridge in Tampa Bay is the Skyway. I was in Bradenton before dawn and looked over to see it lit up over the calm waters of the bay. As the crow flies I'm about six miles away yet still it commands attention if you happen to look that way. I was standing next to a much smaller bridge that connects to Anna Maria Island and my idea was to take a picture of that bridge instead, but the Skyway won the day. I have a lot of images of this bridge but that's the way it is with iconic landmarks when you're a landscape photographer. I just keep coming back for more.

Boca Grande Pier

This is another long exposure of an old pier at Gasparilla Island State Park in Boca Grande. There's something about making time stand still that I find appealing. In any case, this is one of the last images I took before smashing my camera on the seawall. Don't ask, it was my fault. Lucky for me I had an extended warranty and Sony fixed it good as new. Now that I have my camera back I'm going to look for more of these images, only this time I'll stay off the seawall.

Afternoon Thunderstorms

Death, taxes and afternoon thunderstorms are among the few certainties of life. At least it is here in Florida during the summer. I think I would be more surprised if we didn't get a storm in the afternoon. Like when I lived by the tracks then moved away and couldn't sleep because there were no trains going by. Thunderstorms are a little like that. We ignore them. They make noise but we tune it out. But lucky for me I'm a photographer and I'm always on the lookout. I didn't ignore this one. And now, I'll lay back in bed and wait for the sound of the midnight train. Goodnight all.

Key Largo

A few weeks ago I stopped by this beach in Key Largo. It seemed like a remote island hideaway and I couldn't help but hear the Beach Boys singing in my head. I wonder if that happens to everyone that comes here. Nevertheless, the water was warm and calm and the breeze just right. Ah dang, there it goes again in my head. I better go look at a parking lot or it'll keep playing.

Sanibel Causeway

After a day in Sanibel we headed back over the causeway just in time to catch the sun setting as the clouds rolled in. A few minutes later I was running for the car as the rain came down in buckets. If I didn't have to get home I could have just stayed put and it would have cleared up to reveal a starlit night. I think in my next life I'll be a seabird so I can just sit here and enjoy the scenery.

Fort DeSoto Lifeguard Stand

This is another shot from the northern tip of Fort DeSoto Park in St Petersburg Florida. For me sunset is the best time to be at the beach, yet usually there are only a few people left. That's just fine because you feel you have the whole place to yourself. And then finally when all the colors fade, the last stragglers walk back to their cars and leave, knowing the best was saved for last.

Venice Pier After Sunset

This evening I debated whether I should venture out on account of the thunderstorms in the area. Optimism won out and I headed down this way. All the way I thought it would be a waste of a drive but I continued nonetheless. When I got out of the car there was thunder, lightning and light rain. I stuck through it and for about an hour the weather held off. This is a twenty-five second exposure I took about a half hour after sunset. Tonight the cloud colors were best when the sun was well below the horizon. I shot several of these until the rain started up again then drove home through the pouring rain. Chalk one up for optimism.

Lower Anna Maria Sunrise

When I head out to take pictures in the morning I don't always know where I'm going. I normally head for the water but that gives me plenty of choices and sometime I just drive to some random spot and go with the flow. That gives me a little challenge to find a good composition without having thought about it in advance. I just kind of ended up here this morning and scurried about looking for new ways to approach the scene and this is the first one I came up with. This is on the southern tip of Anna Maria Island which is about 30 minutes from my home in Florida.

Mangrove Sandbar

This is a mangrove that's taken over a sandbar just down the street from my home along the Manatee River in Palmetto. In the southern states along the Gulf Coast these mangroves are a natural defense against the erosion caused by hurricanes. As a result they are protected by the state and local governments. Basically you don't mess with them, just leave them alone and let them do their job. Anyway, I thought the calm water created by the sandbar made for a nice reflection. Have a lovely day everyone. Purchase a lovely print for your home or office.

Sunrise Under

The Ringling bridge in Sarasota connects the mainland to several strips of land called "keys" along the inter-coastal waterway. On this morning I found myself here to capture the bridge at dawn and the clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico that flow under it.

DeSoto Magic

Nokomis North Jetty

It's been a while since I've been to the north jetty so yesterday evening I headed down here. It's about 35 minutes from home along the gulf coast and every evening people flock here to watch the sunset. The minute I drove up a couple of dolphins swam by as they meandered about. These shells were deposited on the beach from recent storms; you could just scoop up a handful. The jetty connects the gulf to the intercostal waterway where most folks dock their boats. Evenings like this are a reprieve from the August sun as the breeze coming off the water is oh so nice. Somebody wake me up; on second thought, let me dream on.

Manatee Bridge

In Bradenton Florida you cross this bridge to get to Anna Marie Island and Holmes Beach. When the tide is moving the bridge is full of fishermen and it's my understanding that the fish move with the tide, however don't take my word for it as fishing is not one of my stronger suits. That's a polite way of saying I suck at fishing.

Walk in the Park

Sarasota Island Park is one of my favorite places to go for local photography. Just before sunset the shadows play on the walkway, something I like to capture. I pick a spot and wait for someone to walk through the frame; a street photography trick. In this case, it's the curve of the sidewalk and the shadows that I look for, and lucky me I got the whole family, a three for one deal.


Sarasota Florida. Twilight and dusk are my two favorite periods of the day and the mood disappears just a few minutes later.

Pier One

Sunset at Bradenton Beach

Venice Pier

Venice Pier, Sarasota County, Florida

Somewhere else

With the weather just right here in Sarasota you could linger quite a while after sunset, then walk a few blocks to an outdoor cafe. I think this bird was lingering in hopes that someone would supply a takeout meal. Happy Friday everyone.

Sunrise Over The Pond

The night before I took this I was at the same spot taking a picture of the sunset in the other direction. When I got home I realized I lost my lens cap. It's only a few minutes from my house so I got up this morning to come back figuring I dropped it on the ground. It was nowhere to be found but nevertheless the clouds were crazy good and so I resigned to the loss and captured this sunrise. After watching it for a few minutes I walked back to my car and put the camera and in the back seat and there was the lens cap on the floor. Such a silly thing, but thanks to "losing it" I was here first thing in the morning.


This is a shot of the Florida beach town of Clearwater taken from Honeymoon Island State Park. This is a long exposure that I took from a breakwater that jetted out into the gulf. Normally when you are in Clearwater there is a lot going on, so much to see and do. But from here, a distance of about eight miles, everything seemed so peaceful and calm.


I came here late at night to capture the mood and feeling. I only hope I didn't disturb the ghosts that surely must inhabit this corridor of the Banff Springs Hotel.

Public Pier Walkway

On Anna Marie Island in Florida there is a public pier where you can fish, have a meal or just watch the dolphins and manatees as they frolic in the water. This turned out be be another morning in paradise and I am glad I was there to capture the moment.

Clark Atrium

There are Native American themes throughout the Vancouver airport and, in my opinion, provide a sense of reverence for the land you are about to enter. Unless of course you're leaving.

Under the Green Bridge

Near my house there are two bridges over the Mantee River, one older and one newer. The locals refer to the newer one as the green bridge, I suppose due to the paint on some of the girders. Nonetheless, from this spot on Bradenton's Riverwalk, the sun can be seen setting under the bridge as it sinks into the Gulf of Mexico. The end of another day.

Vancouver Night

To get this shot I found myself walking through a small field at night and ended up tripping in the dark. Fortunately I had the presence of mind to use my head to soften the blow to my heavy camera. A little scratched up but with camera intact, I managed to get this shot looking back on Vancouver at night.

The View from Jasper

Mountain lakes are peaceful first thing in the morning. On this morning I was lucky enough to get a few colors of the sunrise as well as the calm water. That's Mount Edith Cavell in the distance which has a big glacier that hangs precariously over a small lake. However there are no glaciers around this lake and so the water is clear without the typical aqua blue which is typical of glacier fed lakes.

Nokomis Lookout

Cascade Pond

Cascade Pond is just on the outskirts of Banff in Alberta Canada. I don't keep track of the moon phases as well as I should so it was a happy coincidence that the full moon was rising as I showed up at sunset. Also happy were the mosquitoes as they feasted in my arms while I waited for the moon to come out from behind the scattered clouds. In the end I was happy to get the shot and happy to get back in the car. All in all it was a happy occasion. Happy 2014 everyone.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Light at the end of the tunnel.

Lake Minnewanka

Don’t let the clear water and sunny day at Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park fool you, this water is about 3C/38F. For a guy from Florida that’s just about the temperature I want my drink to be, not my swim. Even so there were a few brave hearts jumping in this mid-summer day. Go figure.

Venice Pier

This is the Venice Pier which is attached to Sharky's on the Pier in Venice Florida. A couple of wooden versions of this washed away in hurricanes and so they built this newer stronger concrete version. It's such an iconic setting that we always bring guests here. When my sister-in-law was down she lamented she hadn't seen any dolphins, however the day we came here we spotted a small pod frolicking at the end. Florida's west coast is dotted with establishments like this, but this is one of our favorite. Everything just seems to add up.

San Juan Afternoon

This is the old town section of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Walking through here on a recent afternoon was like walking back in time. Time seems to slow down and a different pace of life is respected. People get together for conversation and gatherings in the streets or in verandas above. This colorful street was just one of many I passed and to me represents a feeling of community and charm rarely found today. I will return to Puerto Rico one day and when I do I'll stay a little longer, and move a little slower.

San Juan at Night

This is the old town section of San Juan Puerto Rico where I recently found myself on a Friday night. After an authentic meal at El Jibarito we spotted a coconut vendor who provided fresh coconut water, something I could get used to.

Tangle Creek Falls

This last summer I took a trip down Highway 93, the Columbia Icefields Parkway in Alberta Canada. It's no wonder it's considered one of the most scenic highways in the world. This was just one of many stops.

Old Fort

A couple of weeks ago I was walking around the old fort in San Juan, Puerto Rico. You couldn't go inside because the park service was closed. Even so it's a nice walk along the outside. This is one of the many iconic lookouts that line the walls.

Emerson Point

On the day I took this I was riding my bike nearby and decided to come back at dusk to catch this sunset which is somewhat typically for Manatee County, Florida. The waters are warm and even if you're not at a beach you always have plenty to see and enjoy.

City Hall

Vancouver City Hall

Maligne Lake

Near Spirit Island on Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park, Alberta. It's hard to describe the majesty of this place truly beyond words.

Siesta Key Bridge

Late one afternoon I found myself with camera heading to Siesta Key and stopped at the bridge to snap this. I saw a couple of dolphins swim by but as is usually the case had the wrong lens. Now if you could just imagine dolphins swimming by, this picture would be complete.

False Creek

False Creek, Vancouver

Cambie Night

Dusk Under the Ringling

I have a disproportionate number of photos of the Ringling Bridge in Sarasota Florida, after all it's an area icon and I just can't resist. This was the last shot one evening a few weeks back. On this evening I was in "the zone" and just did't want to stop and had to mentally slap myself to break the spell. Nothing wrong with enjoying photography, it's just that I was on the hook to bring home take out. Nonetheless, on any given evening this pier is filled with local fishermen, tourist out for an evening stroll and sometimes the occasional photographer fighting against the clock.

Rod and Reel Sunrise

I took this shot at sunrise quite a few months ago not knowing that shortly after there would be a fire here. This is the Rod and Reel which is at the end of it's own pier on Anna Maria Island in Florida. There is no question they have the best Grouper sandwiches around, not to mention the best scenery. It's currently being rebuilt and I think they're getting close to re-opening. I for one have been in Rod and Reel withdrawals and can't wait to get back here for an afternoon of just kicking back to the best Florida has to offer.

Sundown Across the Field

This was taken from Bendemeer which is a residential area just outside of Queenstown, New Zealand. I’ve posted several pictures from here, I was with a group that had a couple of hours to walk around before sundown. New Zealand has no snakes or predators to speak of so for all intents and purposes you could just lay down here in this grass and take a nap. That’s such a cool idea, one I’d not try here in Florida unless I was on the beach. But then, that’s just part of the magic of this land across the sea.

Sunday Walk on the Beach

This was taken at the Lands End beach in San Francisco. When a big wave came in it landed in a flat section behind the rock. Then as the water receded it created this pattern of ripples in the sunlight. A simple thing but I thought it was pretty awesome. This image is a composite of three images all taken from the same location. The first image was a long exposure of the water receding and forming this pattern. To do that I had to use a small aperture and a neutral density filter. Then, I added the waves on the left from another image that was a short exposure since a long exposure makes the sea appear calm. Finally a third image was taken of a gentleman walking along the beach. To create this image I stitched all three back together to convey a sense of what I saw on that lovely Sunday afternoon at the beach.


I thought I'd show a bridge to get us through Wednesday. This is the Ringling Bridge and Harts Landing bait shop. Hang in there people, Friday is just around the corner. Website:

Perfect Ending

The perfect end to the day. I took this at Emerson Point last night right after the sun went down. As it seems this lady is enjoying the last few minutes of the day, I'll keep quite and not fill up this page with words. Get a framed print to hang in your home

Neal Preserve

I left home knowing I wanted to take pictures but with no clear destination in mind. I was headed to the beach to capture a sunset when I noticed this preserve. Two days ago Neal Preserve in Bradenton Florida opened to the public after about a year of construction. I've been anticipating this for ages and last night I lucked out. I took more photos which I'll post in the coming weeks. I'm so happy and excited that I've found a new place to take photos of nature near my home. Purchase a print:

Peyto Lake

Off the highway near Banff is a lookout above Peyto Lake and any of you who have been here in summer know why I titled this shot "Times Square". I did a bad thing. I climbed over the lookout and went to a rock on a ledge to compose this shot. If I could widen the angle on this shot just two degrees, you'd see another twenty people that did the same thing. Doesn't make it right. After I captured this I climbed back onto the platform and pushed my way past the four hundred other people standing on the platform or waiting for a chance to stand on the platform. But I digress, because the real point of this shot is beauty we have on this Earth. Let's try and preserve it, eh? Purchase this awesome print

Empty Pier

Empty Pier This fishing pier is along the Riverwalk in Bradenton Florida. I liked how the thick fog diffused the morning sun. As a photographer I'm attuned to variations in light all around me. It's interesting because the more I mentioned it, more people around me notice it as well. My wife is now pointing out potential sunsets hours before they happen and even my trainer mentioned the light as it cast a glow into the gym the other morning. I think that's cool, and of course, a very simple pleasure indeed. Purchase print


Here is Vancouver's Coal Harbour section as imagined by me when I should have been doing something more productive. I got a little carried away but that's what happens every once in a while. I took this with my iPhone and so its called iphoneography, but for whatever reason that doesn't show up in my dictionary. Nevertheless this is my post processed iphoneigraphical highly imaginative rendering of urban exploration. Otherwise known as playing with colors.

Soaking Up Rays

For me Friday usually brings with it a feeling of relief, like wow, I made it through another one. Maybe it's time to kick back on a bench and soak up some rays. Actually this lady was checking e-mail on a phone, but never-mind that, she got most of it right. Of course I was standing right behind her clicking away, but never-mind that also. Let's all just take a minute and turn down the e-mail dinger on our smartphones and go to that quite place if just for a few minutes. Who am I kidding, I wouldn't last 10 minutes. But hey, it's Friday and I'm feeling better already. Happy Friday everyone. Purchase print:

End Of The Rainbow

Can you keep a secret? I think I may have discovered the end of the rainbow. I'll be going back to find the pot of gold, but at least I know where it is. Well, actually I have no idea where this is, other than somewhere in Mount Aspiring National Park close to Mount Earnslaw in New Zealand. Flying through the southern range we experienced microclimates at every elevation and terrain. When we started in the morning up at elevation it was ten or fifteen degrees below freezing (with the helicopter doors off by the way). By the time we got back four hours later it was in the seventies. I was so busy concentrating on my camera settings that I forgot I had this image until last night when browsing through. Anyway, don't tell anyone. Obtain a print for home or office so you too can find the end of the rainbow.

Under the Kite

Another shot from the kite festival earlier this year at St Petes Beach Florida. In addition to standard kites, there were a few of these enormous balloon kites that bounced up and down in the breeze. And of course that's the perfect invitation to come play under the colorful billowy fabric. Of all the photos I took that day, the shots of the children playing around the kites were my favorite.

Coast of British Columbia

The coast of British Columbia is made up of islands, one after another, as far as the eye can see. I imagine this scene must have remained the same for the nine thousand years that the first nations inhabited this area. (read more on the blog at

Keeping it Real

Keeping it real can be harder than it sounds. Putting aside all the things that we think are important, a little quality time is a pretty good way to start. In the end all we really have are connections. The rest can come and go, it’s connections that define us, or so I think. Read more on the blog: Beach Portfolio:

Foreshore Trail

The Foreshore Trail follows the shoreline around UBC in Vancouver. I walked several miles of it recently and took my time while I was at it. According to the map it was only three miles, but it took me two hours. I can be real slow when I have a camera in my hand. It's a good reason to go it alone. These people were jogging in the same direction, but as the trail became nothing more than big rocks on the beach they slowed down which allowed me to compose this shot. Soon they were off and I was composing other shots, with other people. If you are ever in the vicinity of me when I'm taking pictures, chances are you'll end up in one of my images. Placing people in a landscape adds a human element, I find it allows me to project myself into the scene. I still shoot landscapes without people, but less and less these days. With people its like mixing street and landscape photography, two favorites of mine, a cross discipline of sorts. Mixing photography styles gives me more ideas and options with respect to the final image. There is a very steep set of stairs to climb up to the road from this trail. If you walk straight up it will have you gasping for breath and wondering why your legs won't move. But of course I didn't go straight up. I stopped several times along the way and surreptitiously took pictures of the stairway through the forest with, you guessed it, people.

Other Side of the Rainbow

For some reason this made me think of the other side of the rainbow. Maybe because we had nothing but rain before I took this, only there was no rainbow afterward, just clouds. The kind of rain they get here in Vancouver in the winter is not conducive to rainbows, the leprechauns get out of town and winter in Florida. It’s too bad, I would love to set the pot. That didn’t come out right. (read more on the blog at Canada Gallery:

End of Lake Wakatipu

This is the end of Lake Wakatipu in Glenorchy. I was here a couple of years ago. I went back to look at my photos and found this sitting in the bit bucket. Read more on the blog: New Zealand Gallery:

West End Evening

This is a west end evening in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago. The lights in the sky are fading and the lights of the city are beginning to glow. This is a popular spot because hundreds of people walk along the shore here in the evening, perhaps ending up on Denman Street for Sushi. I’m standing on a pile of rocks, and about 30 seconds after I shot this I managed to slip and fall. Camera was fine, ego not so much. Read more on the blog: Gallery:

Sunset Beach

A couple of nights ago I ago I went to Sunset Beach (yes, it’s a real place) to capture these waves at sunset. Did you know orange and blue are complimentary colors? I suppose it fires some ancient memory buried deep in our DNA, but for whatever reason it just works. So here’s a toast to ancient DNA and the awesomeness of Mother Nature’s color wheel. Read more on the blog: Anna Maria Island Gallery

Gardens Sunrise

A couple of years ago in New Zealand I was here for a Queenstown Gardens sunrise on a Trey Ratcliff photo adventure. It’s an oasis of nature in the middle of the city, except for one thing. The city is an oasis in the middle of the wilderness. If that sounded like a contradiction it is. Queenstown doesn’t need an oasis, it’s already surrounded by awesomeness on all sides. Read more on the blog:

Palavas Swamp

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Hometown Sky

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South Jetty

This is the South Jetty in Venice Florida, the other side is the North Jetty. I got lost a couple of times trying to get here but finally figured it out. Where was Siri when I needed her? More on the blog:

Through the Weeds

I live next to this abandoned housing development, sometimes I’ll head over to take photos, especially if the sky has nice clouds. I didn’t have a lot of great composition options so I just started playing around with the idea of the sunset from behind the weeds. More on the blog:

Then and Now

This is not far from where the Spanish conquistador Hernando DeSoto landed over four hundred years ago. What grabs my imagination is the physical demands of the expedition. Back then there was nothing. More on the blog:

Popcorn Clouds

For whatever reason, we get these amazing popcorn-like clouds coming out of the East. From my home office I have a window that looks east and I can see these clouds during the day. I’d rather be out taking photos of them than working. All good things come to those who wait. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. More:

Before Dawn

A long exposure of the public pier at Anna Maria Island in Florida. It was just before dawn and as usual there were already a few people milling about, mostly fishermen or those who came only to watch the sunrise; another typical morning in AMI. Blog:

What Dreams May Come

This is a stretch of Highway 41 in Punta Gorda Florida; southbound on the left and northbound on the right. The image is a dreamscape of sorts, how I imagine it looks in a dream. Have you ever noticed that an artists rendering of a building or architecture is always a little prettier than reality? Read more on the blog:

In Plain View

This is a state park I never knew we had that’s five minutes from home. I’ve driven by here hundreds of times, I just assumed it was private land. Read more on the blog:

Letting Time Pass

This is a thirteen-second exposure that causes the water to appear smooth. That’s an effect I like a lot, I could do long exposures all the time and never get tired of it. I’m letting some time pass and then compressing it. Read more on the blog:

City Island

How do you turn your back on the city and face the city at the same time? Stand on City Island in Sarasota. Read more on the blog:

Morning Train

The morning train crosses the bridge to Bradenton. I stood here as it blew its horn which can be heard for miles away. When I’m home I hear the horn at night and for me it’s just part of the daily sounds that make up the fabric of life in this small town. Blog:

Stuck On A Bridge

What can be better than to be stuck on a bridge in Florida; you can look out and see sailboats or dolphins, the scenery is pretty good. I look forward to getting stuck on bridges here. More on the blog:

A Place to Daydream

When we look at a scene and we are drawn in, we are daydreaming inside that scene. What better way to appreciate something than to daydream inside of it. More on the blog:

Sarasota Low Down

Often I’ll see a scene and think there’s something about it that I want to capture yet may not be sure what it is or how to go about it. In this case I just kept trying new things until something worked. More on the blog:

Lady in Repose

This image is all about the shape of the bridge. My idea for this image is like a lady in repose. More on the blog:

Venice Beach and Pier

This is easily one of my favorite places in all of Florida. You could easily spend hours here without even noticing. That happens to me when I come here. More on the blog:

The Last Pass

I was planning to go somewhere else but ended up here yesterday. I may be naive but I like to think that I ended up where I was supposed to be regardless of my plans. More on the blog:

Water Pier Cloud

Piers and bridges are a major source of inspiration for me. I have no idea why that is. Maybe it’s because they are objects that interact with bodies of water. If I lived in the mountains I’d be shooting waterfalls and lakes but in Florida it’s rivers, ponds and seasides. Blog:

Lost in Reverie

When I sit down to create the image I use a lot of different tools in the same way a painter uses a brush and pigments. I can spend hours on an project, working away hour after hour lost in creative reverie. Read more:

At a Deeper Level

Each image I create is a part of me and as I share it we connect through a part of my imagination. In this way we might just be communicating at a deeper level than through other means. More on the blog:

Half By Chance

As is normally the case, I had no idea where I was going. All I knew was that it was before dawn on a Saturday and I was driving somewhere to take a picture of something yet to be determined. It’s not a very exact plan but sometimes that’s just how I roll. More on the blog:

Morning Reflection

I look for reflections whenever I’m out shooting and the more I find the better. Sometimes even a puddle of rain water will do. Reflections are like portals into another world, one that insinuates something more ethereal. Blog:

Skyway Rainbow

With some images I take a lot of pains to simplify them in post production. I feel it’s important to not have distractions in an image. This one however needed none of that, just water, sky, bridge and a rainbow. Sometimes images like this just demand to left alone because they have a voice all their own. In this case I suppose I have to agree with that. More on the blog:

State of Mind

Each time I go to the same place to take a photo I see and experience it differently. Photography for me is a state of mind. It’s not so much the location but the things I notice and see when I’m present in the moment. Read more:

Quality of Light

I have recollections as a child playing outside in the long summer evenings. I remember the glow of light and the special feeling I got from it. But I would have forgotten were it not for my pursuit of photography. As a landscape photographer I recognize and appreciate the quality of light. At times like this it can be other worldly. Read more:

Candy Clouds

Lets face it, we live in a complicated world. I like taking a scene and turning it into a dream. It’s the same thing as a dream, only I make a picture of it. And from that I temporarily escape from the real world, if just for bit. Read more:

Moonset Over Three Bridges

This is from the other day when we had a full moon that set within minutes of the sunrise. For me, a full moon rising or setting is just as captivating as a sunset. But of course sunsets are easier since they happen every day. read more at

Summer Evenings by the River

The spot where I’m standing is popular for Pokemon Go. They create a festive atmosphere even if they are concentrating on their mobile screens. I have a feeling its just the beginning of a whole new wave in gaming. I should open up a hot dog stand here. I’ll have an app that they can use to buy the hot dogs even though they are standing right in front of me. It’ll be a big hit. More at

Sunrise on the Manatee

This is a one minute exposure of Sunrise on the Manatee River in Bradenton. People that show up here for a morning walk see a version of this every day. I’m not a regular so for me it’s an extra special treat. One thing for sure, the sunrise walkers are super friendly. I must have had half a dozen people come up and say good morning while I was taking pictures. It was like they had organized a welcome committee. It was awesome. Read more on the blog at

Long Exposure at Bradenton Beach

Long exposures are a slice of time that give us a four dimensional view of the world. When you compress time into an image this is one version of what it looks like. It brings up all kinds of interesting ideas. Imagine if you could step into a different dimension where time moves at a slower rate. Then imagine that you could look back into this dimension. Maybe this is what you’d see. More:

Staying Late at Holmes Beach

A few days ago we came here during the day to take a walk. At the end of it I had the idea of taking a shot with the people lining the shore. When I came back a few days later that’s what I did, however this was not exactly the same shot I had in my mind. I’ll just have to come back to get that other shot I was thinking about. I have such a hard job.

A Walk in the Park

I got this one afternoon when I decided to take a walk in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. If you stay in a single spot long enough, something is bound to happen. It’s all a question of how long you want to wait. Read more at