Downtown Miami

Slick city Miami, that's where I wany to be. Just got home and I wanna go back.

Bowman's Beach

I found Bowman's beach by accident and even though we were driving home we stopped and stayed for about an hour to relax along the shore. It was Sunday and no one was in a hurry to go anywhere. Our timing was good because about an hour after I took this thunderstorms moved in and everything turned dark and grey. That's fairly typical and after about twenty minutes or so it blows away and everything returns to normal.

Florida Polytechnic University

Just outside of Orlando on I4 is the Florida Polytechnic University. Honestly, I don't know a thing about it, yet the architecture of the main building is nothing short of amazing. I managed to stop over on one recent trip and capture a few images. This is a study in symmetry and lines. I think if I was a student I would feel right at home here.

Into the Light

Into the Light This image could be a metaphor for all kinds of things. It’s a new year and so maybe this is a metaphor for new beginnings, or perhaps nothing at all. Meaning is in the eyes and mind of the beholder, so whatever this makes you think of is cool. Read more on the blog at Monochrome Gallery:…/Black-and-White/

Brickell Key Miami

A birds-eye view of a little island in the middle of Miami. I took this from a hotel when I was down here recently. At night I sat in a lounge on the 36th floor and was surprised to find that most of these units were dark. I thought that was a little odd because as compared to other cities like New York or Vancouver. But then this is the middle of summer in Florida and I suppose most of these units are second homes or vacation getaways. Perhaps if I come back here in winter these will be all lit up like Christmas trees with escapees from colder climates.

Walk Alone

Random iPhone Shots

Quick Trip to Italy

I managed to get to Italy on the weekend, ...and Morocco and France and Japan. Okay, so I went to Epcot center which is a couple of hours from home. In the evening we watched the fireworks show from the far end of Epcot and when everyone left we took our sweet time to walk out and capture shots of a few pavilions without the normal crowds. This is one of the Italian pavilion. I didn't have a tripod so I had to hold the camera steady against a post for quite a few seconds in order to complete the long exposure. Makes me want to visit the real thing soon, ...with a tripod. Purchase a print


This was me. Long time ago but this was me. I really don't know what to say about this. Go ahead picture, you do the talking. I'll just listen, ...and remember. Purchase a black and white print of your memories of play.

Still Waters

I woke up early to capture this while the water was still calm and the fog was deciding how long it might linger. Ever notice how when you first wake up it feels a little like this? In art, photographs or whatever we try to take meaning and sometimes look for metaphors. I think I do that. Reflections, mist, space, calm. I wish I could take this feeling with me during the day. Maybe I can, just a little bit.

St. Pauls Prayer

On a trail in Stanley Park is an old stump that to some, resembles hands in prayer. And why not?

Glenorchy Stillness

This is Glenorchy in the early morning when the water is still and the light is perfect. I never realized that black swans existed before I came to New Zealand, I thought they were just in fairy tales or perhaps a rare genetic oddity. But in New Zealand the black swans are in the lakes and ponds of the southern island in abundance. Perhaps if I grew up here I'd be used to it but as a visitor I was amazed each time I saw one. This morning I saw dozens, too many to count. I suspect Glenorchy is a kind of sanctuary, and given the magical landscape it might as well be a fairy tale.

Brooklyn Bridge Cable

If you've ever been to the Brooklyn Bridge you know it's all about the cables. I walked across it yesterday along with thousands of others who come here daily to experience a bit of New York history. The bridge was constructed over a hundred years ago and today it carries thousands of cars, cyclist and pedestrians over the east river. A marvel of engineering this bridge was built to last due largely to the hundreds of cables running from the towers in a grand lattice. This is one of those cables that today still holds up the most beloved bridge in New York City.

Empty Pier Afternoon

I came here to walk yesterday evening. This is the pier in St Petersburg Florida which is empty while the planners decide how to fix it up. In the meantime it's still a great place to walk or ride with the cool breeze of the bay on a hot afternoon. I love empty open places in the middle of a busy city. A few steps away from the noise and you have a place of quiet and solitude.

Train Over Water

A train passes over the Manatee River in Bradenton Florida. These engines were on thier way to pickup oranges for the Tropicana plant down the line. It happens every day at the same time and each time it goes by there are a few people lined up to watch. The people wave, the conductor waves and life goes on as it has for decades. Where would we be if not for the railroads.

Saturday Morning

Florida Polytechnic

Every time I drove between Tampa and Orlando I'd see this under construction. Finally completed I made it a point to stop here to get a closer look. From an architectural perspective there isn't anything in the region that compares, an icon of design and innovation.


I took this one evening while walking around Granville Island in Vancouver. In this section of town, there are a lot of seafood restaurants, I mean a lot.

Under the Brooklyn Bridge

The view looking north from under the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge. This was taken at sunrise and was the starting point of an all day photowalk with my fellow cohorts from the Arcanum. Twenty miles and fourteen hours later we ended up at the opposite side of this bridge shooting in the opposite direction. It was an epic day to say the least.

Gulf of Mexico

So this might not look familiar but it's under the Sunshine Skyway bridge between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Sometimes I find myself in the craziest places in search of a shot, especially when not traveling. When I do travel I cross this bridge in a car on my way to the airport at a pretty good rate of speed. The bridge is so level and smooth I forget I'm traveling over a vast body of water with dolphins, sharks and swift currents below. Before this was built the old one collapsed and a bus and cars just drove right off the bridge into the water. Yeah I know, scary. But today I doubt anything like that will happen again, this bridge is constantly under maintenance, no chances are being taken. And thanks to all that maintenance its a very smooth ride and I forget I'm driving over the Gulf of Mexico. Thankfully though, the state of Florida does not.


The last few days here in central Florida have been foggy which means the light is soft, something I love. Everything is mysterious and the mood is completely transformed. This was taken at St Petes Beach which is just south of Clearwater. Earlier, at around 6:30 in the morning I was in another location near my home taking photos of a pier. As I walked back to my car a very well dress couple approached me, apparently they had a ministry and were out spreading the word. I politely smiled and suggested I didn't need the pamphlet but thanked them anyway. They continued on in the early morning light and I glanced back as they disappeared into the fog. I was dumbstruck by this powerful metaphor of searching for lost souls in the fog, it played on my mind for a while after. Why where they there so early on such foggy morning? That, at least to me, was a bit of a mystery, and as ephemeral as the fog.


When I move too fast and fail to notice the world around me it all becomes a blur and I have little if any memories of the time and spaces I’ve been through.

Siwash Rock

The first time I walked around the seawall I was struck by it’s shape and position, as though it were some mystical sentinel.


Lighthouse Stairs


This is the Trinity Episcopal Parish Church in St. Augustine, Florida. There are so many people that like to visit St. Augustine that I had to get up before dawn to capture a few shots without the tourists. In general, this little town of is a photographers paradise, an abundance of subjects in every direction.


One day while walking through Vancouver I noticed these front steps all nicely aligned in a row. Even though they look the same, beyond each threshold lies a vastly different story. I live in a townhouse that looks just like the one next to it and so I suppose that to someone else my neighbor and I might appear very similar. And to me, folks on the opposite side of the globe might also appear similar. But we're not, and the chances are that I have more in common with you than I do with my next door neighbor. Good morning neighbor, wherever you are.

Up In The Sky

Vancouver has so many opportunities for going crazy with buildings. Ans so I did just that. But one day I would love to try the architecture in Germany. One day.

Sea Cliff Beach

This is a very hidden beach off the Lands End Trail in San Francisco. By hidden I mean it's not easy to get to, so not many people come here. Having said that, it appeared to me there was a small dedicated group of people that come here for sunset and to get away from civilization for a bit. It's amazing to think that surrounding this is the bustling vibrant city, yet here, exposed to the ocean and surrounded on all sides by steep cliffs, you can feel quite remote. I don't even know how I ended up here, just luck I guess.

La Grande-Motte

The town of La Grande-Motte sits along the Mediterranean. All of the buildings were designed by a single architect and convey harmony with the sea and mediterranean sensibilities. I walked around one morning just observing the architecture and sense of theme.

Morning Walk On Carnon Beach

Morning Walk On Carnon Beach On my last day in France I went for a morning walk on Carnon Beach. Like the beaches in Florida this stretches for miles in each direction. Unlike the beaches in Florida the shore is carved into large semicircles on account of the breakwaters. Read more on the blog: Beach Gallery: 500px Portfolio:

Catalonian Woman Walking

While in Collioure on my way to Barcelona I noticed this Catalonian woman walking along the shore. Little did I know that the residents of this region consider themselves Catalonian first, then French. Same goes for the Spaniards just south of here. The region they live is known as Catalonia. More on the blog at Monochrome Gallery:…/Black-and-White/ European Gallery:

Urbex Rain Day

Saturday was an urbex rain day. Meaning that it was raining and I did a little urban exploration. I would say that pretty much every day is a rain day in Vancouver, but it’s that’s just how it is. Read more on the blog: Monochrome Gallery:

Catedral de Barcelona

This is a small section of the front facade of Catedral de Barcelona. I could stand out front of this building and stare at the details for hours. Judging by the other people standing here, some did. (read more on the blog at Full Gallery:

Late Night in Barcelona

A late night in Barcelona was spent walking around this section of the city filled with restaurants and Tapas bars. It was a film noir kind of atmosphere, I expected characters from an old movie to walk by at any moment. That never happened. Read more on the blog: My favorite images:

Coastal Fog

I took this in British Columbia while returning from a whale watching trip at a group of islands just offshore. Patches of fog started to form in the afternoon as we made our way back to port. The coast of BC can be treacherous and only the most experience sailors have any right to navigate here. More on the blog:

Castle Hallway

The Banff Spring Hotel in Alberta is one of the more amazing places I’ve stayed at. It was built to resemble a Scottish castle as it sits within the majestic landscape of the Canadian Rockies. The inside spares no detail and I spent hours walking the hallways taking pictures of the architecture. More on the blog:

Mr Heron

As long as I didn’t make any sudden movements and looked the other way he didn’t seem to mind. For me it was a nice standing there in the quite of the morning, doing what I love to do and in the company of Mr Heron. There was a Mrs too. More on the blog:

Brockton Point Lighthouse

This is Brockton Point Lighthouse from inside Stanley Park in Vancouver. The last time I was there I took a walk into the park and ended going a lot further than I planned. That happens a lot when I’m taking pictures. One thing leads to another. More at